Chin-ups, chin-ups, let me tell you why,
Once your hooked, it will get you high!
Benefits galore, they’re not just for show,
So listen up, and here we go!

Chin-ups are a compound exercise, and simply what that means,
They work multiple muscles, to get you lean.
They’ll work your back and your chest,
All the muscles you love best!

Chin-ups, chin-ups, let’s sing their praise,
They’ve passed the test since olden days.
Endorphins will flow, you’ll feel so alive,
You’ll sleep like a baby and wake ready to thrive.

Summer’s almost here wanna look good in your jeans?
The ones in your closet thats rarely been seen.
You gotta do some resistance training,  I know it sounds mean,
But chin-ups are the key  not the rice and beans.

There’s no longer an excuse, for not working out,
The gym’s under your mattress, and muscles have clout.
Chin-ups are tough, there’s no denying,
But the benefits are many, and so worth trying,

Go slow to avoid injury, start off light,
Do a few in the morning, and a few at night.
With every little pull and every little lift,
Your body will receive, a sweet little gift.

Chin-ups, chin-ups, let’s sing their praise,
They’ll make you stronger, in unexpected ways.
They’ll challenge your body with just a few,
You’ll feel you can conquer, anything you do!

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