In the land of the flabby where life is a bore,
Lived folks who ignored their inner core.
They sat all day, in front of the TV,
Belly expanding, as large as the sea.

But in the realm of the yogis, who are known to be wise,
There’s a secret strength that no one denies.
It’s not in the arms, or even the thighs,
it’s your inner core, what a nice surprise!

A strong inner core is about the abs,
It’s the engine room and your power lab.
It keeps you upright, and steadies your sway,
It puts your swag, on full display.

Can’t touch your toes? Breathing hard up the stairs?
That’s your inner core screaming, “Nobody cares!”
A wobbly belly and a squeaky floor,
The signs that tell you, “don’t ignore”.

An inner core that’s sturdy as pine,
Will make your feel, so divine,
Run, jump, dance, or climb,
Even sitting straight with feel sublime!

So engage that core and let it roar
Each day you’ll be a little less sore.
Yes my friend, there’s one thing for sure,
You’ll end up stronger than ever before.

Start with Sun Salutation, and don’t be shy,
Feel the awesome power, as your hands reach the sky.
Next up is the Boat, oh me oh my,
Your belly might rumble or even cry.

But stick with it baby and don’t wave goodbye,
A new mindset is forming, and you’ll divorce those fries.
Your doing great, let’s try a few Planks,
They’ll definitely prevent you, from putting cheese on your franks.

From Plank to Boat, it soon becomes fun,
Abs of steel, here we come!
As your core gets tight and waist appears trim,
You’ll strut your stuff with zest and vim,

So here’s to the core that we all adore
To the laughter to the sweat, and so much more.
It’s never too late to turn things around,
And retrieve your core, from the lost and found

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