The Benefits Of A strong Bed For Soulmates:

A strong and sturdy bed is not just a piece of furniture. It is literally the foundation of your intimate life. It is the stage on which many great performances will be enjoyed. As lovers, the significance of a reliable and robust bed cannot be underestimated.  Beyond just providing a place to rest, a strong bed offers many benefits that enhance the romantic relationship between partners. A solid bed can nurture and enrich the love between partners and allow for more expressive movement.  When you know your bed is not going to break, you will not hold back on trying new things or using your full range of motion.

Quality Intimate Moments:

Intimacy is a vital aspect of any romantic relationship. A sturdy bed ensures that intimate moments are not disturbed by creaking or instability. thereby creating A quiet and stable bed allows couples to fully focus on each other. A squeaky or noisy bed will make you nervous. You will hold back and not really get into it because you don’t want to announce to the entire household you are re-filling your love tank. If you have a family and the kids are in the other room or the walls to your next door neighbor is thin, a squeaky bed will disturb their sleep.

Longevity and Durability:

Just as love should stand the test of time, so should a bed for lovers. A well-built bed ensures its longevity and durability, symbolizing the enduring nature of the relationship. A strong bed can accompany a couple throughout their passion journey. 

Choose a bed that inspires creativity:

 Wise & Fit Yoga beds are designed to get you out of the same routine and try new and different things. When you see the multitude of ways you can balance yourself on this bed you’ll understand why. There are overhead support bars, handle bars on the head board and support bars on the footboard. There are even video tutorials to show you the many ways you can create variety in the bedroom. As a bonus, when you remove the mattress the bed converts into a personal yoga and fitness studio. Wise & Fit Yoga Beds can handle up to 750 pounds of moving weight and is one of the strongest bed on the market. There’s even a place to hang a chair hammock.


Beyond its functional benefits, an attractive bed can enhance the ambiance of the bedroom and set the stage for romance A strong bed that is beautiful, functional and inspires creativity is a must have. The quality of your romance is greatly influenced by the bed you choose.  Most beds only have horizontal strength and no vertical strength. They don’t have support systems above the beds like the parallel bars we have. When you combine the horizontal and vertical strength of our bed we may very well be the strongest bed on the market.

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