The Soulmate model was designed to celebrate your soulmate. It is the quintessential anniversary gift that says what words cannot express. The Soulmate model is one of the strongest bed frames on the market and it beckons you to explore each other in unconventional ways. It has many thoughtfully placed touch points where you can bend, hang and contort your body into new and interesting shapes. It’s the only bed in the world that has a fat free “dessert bar”. Check out our features gallery to get the inside scoop on the dessert bar. Get ready to bond with your soulmate on a whole new level. To make things extra special we will also flame engrave or airbrush both your names on the foot of the bed upon request

Key Benefits:


The Vibration model is the same as the Soulmate model except the heart in the middle of the headboard is replaced with a giant V.  

Key Benefits:


The Honeycomb model is based on the hexagon shape of a honeycomb. The hexagon is one of strongest shapes in architecture. As with all our beds, the features are hiding in plain sight. The support pole at the center of the foot board doubles as a discreet dance pole. The parallel bars above the bed are there to inspire you to defy gravity, to be creative and to explore your playful side. The Honeycomb model invites you and your partner step outside the matrix and into a world of sweetness, joy and togetherness.

Key Features: